British travel bloggers impressions of Nakhchivan

Barry Till, the British travel blogger and the founder of the travel blog "", applied to the Nakhchivan Tourism Information Center and declared that he would like to visit the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. The travel blogger was given informed by the staff of the center, brochures reflecting the tourism potential of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic were presented and help was provided in finding a tour guide. After a three-day trip , Barry Till shared his impressions of Nakhchivan with an employee of the Nakhchivan Tourism Information Center. We make a present of those ideas. “My name is Barry Till. I'm from London, England and I travel the world. I'm retired, I don't work, and there's nothing obstacle me to travelling. During the 3 years before the pandemic, I had already traveled to 75 countries. Then the pandemic started and I could not travel for almost 2 years. Azerbaijan was the first country where I traveled after the pandemic. I have a travel blog “”. ın my blog are demonstrated information about each of the countries where I visited, a list of things to do there, places to see, prices, all explanations about how to get there, as well as photos of that region. So any person can get all the necessary information using my blog after choosing the country to go to. Nakhchivan is a unique place that not many people know about. In many countries where I have traveled, I have seen dirty, noisy cities. First I visited Baku, of course, Baku was an interesting city. But Nakhchivan is completely different. This city is very clean, neat, and has beautiful buildings, while modern, is a small city that embodies the classic style. I took the opportunity to visit the autonomous republic with a tour guide. I was truly admired by the beauties that I saw. Prices in restaurants and shops are very affordable for an Englishman. I was particularly impressed by the city's low density, cleanliness, and safety. Among the places where I saw, the most spectacular place was Alincagala, and it is the Machu Picchu of Nakhchivan. It is very similar to Machu Picchu in Peru and I was fascinated by this place. Among the places where I visited in Nakhchivan, another great place was the tomb of Prophet Noah. The location of Prophet Noah's grave in Nakhchivan was one of the cases that surprised me. Because Prophet Noah is known all over the world, and the fact that Prophet Noah's grave is located here indicates that this place is older. People here are sincere, warm, and kind.

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